Tapping Identities

The way we look does not define who we are.

Identity is a flexible organism that changes with every contact, every movement. No one’s identity is disconnected from that of the others; somehow we all participate in each other’s identity.

Social categorizations tend to disregard the individual’s essence and to condense it into mere labels: you are Latin American, you are Aboriginal, you are Australian, you are an immigrant. These labels conceal the real strengths within the human being and their true existence.

The 5000 bricks inside the glass cube were used for participants to create new structures. We scheduled individual and private appointments with four senior aboriginal artists. The idea was to interchange our cultural differences and our common relationship with the identity. This was developed based on how my experience being an immigrant artist in Australia was similar to being an aboriginal artist as we both are intertwined between two cultures

From 1st to 23rd March 2013. Frankston Arts Centre. Darvey Street. Cube 37. Frankston. www.thefac.com.au

Artshub review by Andrea Thomas http://ad.artshub.com/au/news-article/reviews/visual-arts/tapping-identities-194633

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